Emerging Artists Blog #1

Artist Name: Kristen Morgin 

Kristin Morgin

Artist Quote: Morgin, in an interview with Ceramics Arts Daily, said “Within ceramics, there’s a fear that if you come in and start making work out of unfired clay you’re going to endanger the traditions… I wanted my work to be dangerous.”

Morgin does not use unfired clay in her pieces because she wants to disrespect traditions, but rather because she wants her work to have a non-traditional effect.

Interesting fact or story about the artist: 

Kristen Morgin was a “Dodd Visiting Professor” at the University of Georgia for 2011 through 2012.  In 2012 she had a solo exhibit called The 21 Days Show that was showcased at the University of Georgia in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, Gallery 101.

How the artist image/quote/history relates to the course and how you might incorporate it into a classroom unit:

Snow White
Snow White in Evening Wear, 2011
Paint, pencil, ink and unfired clay

Many of Kristen Morgin’s pieces create a sense of nostalgia or a blast back to an earlier time.  Because of this, and because many of her pieces include childhood images like the one above, her work would be easy to incorporate into my classroom.  Not only would her pieces excite the children because they would recognize many of the images she incorporates into her works, but it would also show them a unique version of those images.  Because Morgin breaks tradition and uses unfired clay as one of her main mediums, her works may be unlike anything children have seen previously.

I could incorporate this into my classroom by giving a presentation on Kristen Morgin and focusing on how she uses non-traditional approaches to create traditional objects.  I would encourage students to use materials and mediums that they wouldn’t normally use to create a self portrait of themselves.

Your own reflections about this connection: I believe the children would enjoy making a non-traditional image of themselves, using different magazine cut out images, paint, markers, oil pastels, etc. because it would allow them to take whatever approach they wanted.  Many children also don’t like drawing themselves so this would give them creative freedom.


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