Emerging Artist Blog #2

Artist name: Lauren Gallaspy 

Corresponding image or quote:

Lauren Gallaspy

“My work is about that imbalance: the vulnerability of living things and the sometimes violent, sometimes pleasurable, almost always complex consequences that occur when bodies and objects in the world come into contact with one another. I use ornamentation, obsessive mark-making, and decorative imagery as a kind of devotional or transformational act, a way to render interior spaces and intense psychological experiences physically.”

Interesting fact or story about the artist:

Lauren Gallaspy received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics at the University of Georgia.  Gallaspy served as co-director and owner of Trace Gallery in Athens, Georgia with her husband, Andy Nasisse, who is also an artist.  She was recognized by the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts as an Emerging Artist in her field.

How the artist image/quote/history relates to the course and how you might incorporate it into a classroom unit:

Lauren Gallaspy’s artist history relates to the course because she went to the University of Georgia and was an avid member of the Athens art community until she began teaching in Salt Lake City, Utah.  A lot of her works have to do with the anatomy of the human body as she focuses on creating certain parts of the body with extreme and intricate detail.  However, these works have a less realistic aspect to them as well as she crosses lines between what is real and what is not.

I would incorporate her history into a classroom unit if I was ever teaching about up in coming artists in Georgia.

Your own reflections about this connection:

I believe that students would want to learn about artists in their area because as I was completing these Emerging Artist Blogs I really enjoyed learning about artists in Georgia, especially those that went to the University of Georgia.


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