Reading Response Blog #4

Assigned Reading: LPP pgs. 105-120 and The Story in the Picture Ch. 4

Concepts in Art: 

My response to this reading is that it was extremely informative.  The reading discusses the several ways that elements of art can be extended in the classroom and go past the ways that they are traditionally used.  Placing images around the room, especially reproductions of artwork can really engage students in learning that is beyond typical lectures or lessons.  Children will get excited to refer to images that are hanging on the walls and even more excited when they come into class on any given day and those images have changed and are brand new to them.  These images and artworks can be used to explore so many important concepts of art.

The concepts of art that were discussed in the reading are: color, line, shape, and three dimensional work.  These concepts, especially if they are readily available to the child either introduce or reiterate concepts that have been discussed and taught.

“Introducing concepts of line, shape, and color also lets children (and teachers) know that not all art activities need to be dependent on areas of the curriculum” (Mulcahey, 57).  This idea presented in “The Story in the Picture” introduces the idea that there is art knowledge that can be explored on its own and it should be.

Giving children the opportunity to explore their own ideas, on their own, in addition to the ones the teacher is presenting in the classroom will be extremely beneficial.


  1. How does one effectively introduce concepts of art to children while still keeping their interest or making the lesson age appropriate?
  2. What are some ways to promote discussion about art?
  3. How do teachers allow students to explore art on their own while still keeping the lesson structured or on task?
  4. How young is too young to promote the freedom to choose what one creates in an art classroom?
  5. How do you incorporate discussion about pieces that students create on their own or ideas they come up with themselves?

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