Emerging Artist Blog #4

Artist name: Radcliff Bailey 

Corresponding image or quote:

Radcliffe Bailey

Interesting fact or story about the artist:

“I work in many different fragments in a lot of different layers. The idea is to layer thought over layer…and do it to the point where it makes sense”.

How the artist image/quote/history relates to the course and how you might incorporate it into a classroom unit:

Radcliffe Bailey’s work portrays a unique environment that tells the story of his African American heritage. Some of his work combines photographic images, found objects, local idioms, historical facts, cultural references, and celebratory colors while incorporating veiled and obvious meanings into his paintings. This relates to the course because we are creating something similar to his creations with our story quilt project. That project tells a personal story as well as combines different mediums. Not only could this promote art integration by creating a story along with the art piece but it also gives students a unique way to be creative.

Your own reflections about this connection:

If i were to incorporate Radcliffe Bailey into my classroom unit I could do so by allowing students to use different materials and mediums to create a story quilt like the one we are creating in class.  This connection is relevant and very easy to carry into my classroom because I will have done the project myself.


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