Emerging Artist Blog #5

Artist name: Jean Jullien 

Corresponding image or quote:

Jean Jullien

Interesting fact or story about the artist:

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer currently living in London. His practice ranges from illustration to photography, video, costumes, installations, books, posters and even clothing.  The interesting fact about Jullien is that he created the image that has recently been seen by many.  This image is called “Peace for Paris” and Jullien posted it on Twitter and Instagram at around midnight Paris time after the terrorist attacks occurred in the heart of France.

Pray for Paris

The world embraced Jullien’s image almost immediately. It has been reposted on all types of social media sites and people are printing it on T-shirts, posters, flags, and bearing it proudly in a global show of support for Paris.

How the artist image/quote/history relates to the course and how you might incorporate it into a classroom unit:

In ARED we are constantly discussing art integration and how it is beneficial to both students and teachers.  Jean Jullien’s graphic designs, especially the “Peace for Paris” work could be integrated into a history or current events lesson.  Students could learn about the events that happened in Paris and teachers could use Jean Jullien’s image as a means to appropriately explain how the world is showing support for the country in it’s difficult time.

Your own reflections about this connection:

This semester thus far I believe that art integration is one of the main topics and themes that we have discussed in class.  The idea of art integration is one that I hardly knew about until my ARED class. I believe that without art integration students are lacking a holistic, well-rounded education that doesn’t just appeal to facts and lessons but also artistic and social aspects.


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