Studio Art Projects

Here are photos of my studio artwork throughout the semester.  These photos include my larger studio projects, my green screen puppet video, smaller class projects, and photos from my visits at Chase Street Elementary school.

Larger Studio Art Projects:

ARED Story book
Title page of my Accordion book. 
ARED long story book
Full photo of my accordion book.  I used crayons and markers to add illustrations to my book. 
ARED clay monster
Clay monster; clay 
ARED puppet
This is my puppet for my green screen project.  When we were brainstorming what type of puppet we wanted to make, I drew the word “water” to help jumpstart my thinking.  Because of that I made a mermaid.  I used sequin, felt, hot glue, and yarn. 
Story Collage Quilt
This is my story quilt.  I used tissue paper in the form of tearing and rolling to made the cat and the paw prints around him. 
ARED Flagbook
This is my flag book.  I chose an image from the Lamar Dodd Museum to create a new image in my flag book.  I really enjoyed this art making experience. 


Smaller in class projects: 

ARED upside down drawing
This is my upside down drawing. 
ARED watercolor experimenting
This is one of my experiments with watercolor.  We used a mirror and a marker to draw ourselves exactly how we saw it.  Then we used a damp piece of paper to transfer our image over. 
smaller class project
This is one of my experiments with watercolor relief. 

I unfortunately have misplaced my bubble painting, shaving cream marbling, and foam relief print.  In addition, I was not here the day that we made the collagraph print so I don’t have that to photograph.

Puppet Green Screen Video: 

ARED Green Screen Project




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