Visual Journal Photos

I have selected 10 pages from my response journal that I either thought were the most aesthetically appealing or were responses to my favorite prompts.



ARED Journal Cover
This is the cover of my journal and my first real process of art making in this course.
ARED Journal Response 1
I included this journal entry because this was one of the first days of class in ARED 3050.  This journal prompt required me to go out into the hallway, observe and look at art on the walls, and to write down exactly what I saw.
ARED Journal Response 4 (3)
This is one of my favorite pages in my journal.  The prompt was to create a metaphor answering “art education is like…..”
ARED Journal Response 3
Focused free write: What does it mean to be an artist?
ARED Journal Response 5
This journal prompt was leeway into our lesson on creating clay monsters.  This prompt also led to us creating the story books based on the clay monster we created.
ARED Journal Response 6
Mapping my ideal classroom
ARED Journal Response 7
I found this journal entry to be particularly important because I can use these artist names to integrate art into future lessons.
ARED Journal Response 9 (8)
This journal entry was done while I was taking notes on other student’s artist presentations.
ARED Journal Response 10
This is the last and one of my favorite journal entries in my book.  To me this entry only touches on a small part of what this course meant to me as a whole but it is a symbol of something I will take away from ARED.  I will take away the idea that art integration, especially art that involves others or community art, is so important to the social and academic development of a child.  Allowing students to have a voice is essentially to their ongoing success.
ARED Journal Response 8
This is an entry of when I was experimenting with a potential idea for a Chase Street Lesson Plan. 

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