Relevant Links Page

  1. The Helpful Art Teacher 

This link is extremely relevant because it links art to the subjects of math, social studies and science.  This link provides examples of how to integrate art projects into the core curriculum in elementary and middle school grades.

2. The Art of Education 

This link consists of extremely helpful and relevant art lessons for every grade and age level imaginable.  It’s lessons are organized based off of grade level and type of lesson.  As a future educator, I can see myself using this link daily in my classroom.

3. The Inspired Classroom 

This is a blog that promotes, discusses, and advocates arts integration techniques and resources from a variety of sources.  It provides real examples with easy ways to duplicate the examples.

4. Arts Everyday 

This website focuses on techniques and resources for incorporating art in all classrooms in a variety of meaningful ways.  It gives the perfect “how to” on art integration and starts at the basics.

5. MS Whole Schools 

This website gives details about a school’s first comprehensive statewide arts education program and uses the arts as a vehicle for promoting high-quality learning for students in all disciplines.  It’s relevant because it shows other schools just how great integrating the arts can be for a school’s success rate.

6. Learnist 

This link is a lot like Pinterest but is specially designed for Educators.  It’s format is Arts Integrated, therefore inspiring art integration within it’s users. This resource uses unique creativity in all of it’s lesson plan examples.

7. Arts Heaven 

This website is home to multiple artists’ creations and pieces.  However, an aspect of this website discusses art in education.  The website discusses how art can sometimes be a difficult subject to teach children because unlike many other subjects that can be taught from books, art requires a much more hands-on approach.  This link is relevant because it provides useful knowledge and steps on how teachers can approach integrating art into their classrooms.

8. Education Closet 

This link was posted by Susan Riley who gathered 50 resources to help teachers of all subjects start integrating the arts into her classroom.  Not only was her link helpful in this assignment, it also will be helpful in the future when I am looking for resources.

9. Open Colleges- 50 ways to integrate Art in the Classroom 

This is my favorite link that I found while I was researching.  It consists of lesson plan ideas, and examples that teachers can use for multiple subjects that integrate art.  For example, under the “Math” subject, there are multiple art integration examples provided, one of them being having students use legos to demonstrate mathematical skills.

10. Edutopia 

This link provides multiple points of arts integration — from implementation in the classroom and engaging students, to linking the arts with core curriculum.  This link is relevant because it is a collection of useful Edutopia blogs, articles, and videos for educators trying to integrate art.


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